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Is Play Station Best Console For GTA 5

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If you want to enjoy GTA 5 game then I must say that you should try it on PS4. This post is all about GTA 5 hardware requirement and PS4 compatibility. Sony is one company who is specialized in making quality products which helps them to win customers heart. This is the concept Sony Company has been doing since its inception. It has become famous electronic brand across the globe. Among their latest inventions PS4 won accolades across the globe. No one deny the fact that it is the most powerful console in the world. They lived their word by making best console in the market. Modifying its features with latest design made it most selling console in the market.

Below points explain why PS4 is best console for gta 5 online argent:

Performance: PS4 comes with APU which is also called as semi-custom accelerated processing unit which is developed by AMD. In co-operation with Sony this was made. PS4 comes with single chip processor that combines with central processing unit and graphic processing unit which also know as CPU and GPU. Its secondary custom chip helps in handling tasks like downloading, uploading and social game play. It has the capacity to handle all this talks seamlessly in the background. This function takes place during playing the game or when it is in sleep mode. AMD claims that PSA APU is the best APU in the market.

CPU: Central processing units consist of two powerful x86-64 quad-core modules for a total of eight cores. Each core has 32kb L1 instruction and data caches. Its base clock speed said to be 1.6 GHz.

GPU: The GPU consists of 18 compute units for a total of 1,152 cores, which produces theoretical peak performance of 1.84 TFLOPS. Its power can be used graphics and physics simulation. It is customized version of AMD’s 7870 GPU, with 2 CUs disabled.

Memory controller: Microchip consists of on-die memory controller which is shared by CPU and GPU. PS4 supports several features promoted by the heterogeneous system architecture. This means the system memory is not partitioned, so that a portion of it is exclusively available to the GPU, but unified, hence enabling hardware zero-copy.

RAM: With 8 GB RAM it reads blu-ray discs at a speed of 27mb/s which runs GTA 5 smoothly. Blu-ray can support 4k resolution which most famous resolution for real like pictures but doesn’t support games at 4k resolution.

Hard drive: PS4 comes with hard drive memory of 500GB or 1TB hard drive.These are features which are unique to PS4 and no other company in the market can beat the features of PS4. This is the reason PS4 is best console available in the market. You can even see more sales of PS4 than any other company. Its performance and features which are very attractive made PS4 to be the best in the console gaming market.